Standard Versions:


* 4 large VIP-cabins with en-suite head and separate shower

* owners version - whole starboard-hull exclusively for master-cabin and

   master-bathroom, 2 VIP-cabins, with en-suite head and separate

   shower in the port-hull

* optional crew-cabin with head


Detailed informations about the standard equipment you find here



We offer individuality - regarding the materials (real wood veneers and high quality fabrics and leathers). And also regarding the layout. The general arrangement of each yacht can be adapted according to your needs. 5- and 6-cabin- layouts are also possible as "galley-down" - kitchen in one of the hulls and a more than 30 m² Saloon. Everything is possible!


Solarwave-Yachts are available in 55, 64 and 7x feet. Other sizes and commercial solarboats on request.



One Yacht - three possible propulsions

The 3 types "Solarwave-Cruiser", "Solarwave-Power" und "Solarwave-Sailor" are identica regarding hull, deck and interior.

They differ in they way of propulsion.


 - "Solarwave-Cruiser" is a pure solaryacht. As she is a "Sunssailor" she is independent form the wind, energy-efficient, easy to maintain, fast, reliable and noiseless. She is powered by serial-hybrid-propulsion.


 - "Solarwave-Power"  is a parallel-hybrid. She has 2 powerful diesel-engines as well as 2 electric-motors. They can propel the boat togehter or each of them alone. 

It is your choice to have unlimited range at lower speeds with the e-drive or high speeds by using the diesel-engines.


 - "Solarwave-Sailor" offers you an additional option. You can set sails and accept the challenge of a fast ride way beyond 10 knots under sails.  The rigg can be combined with the serial-hybrid of the "Cruiser" as well as the powerful diesel-engines of the "Power"-version. You have the choice!



Using diesel-propulsion all Solarwave Yachts are offering you trans-atlantic range. With solar-powered e-propulsion the range is unlimited.



All Solarwave-types are absolutely autonomous under "normal" weather-conditions, like we have them in average holiday-regions.

We can offer you these yachts also as a fractional ownership. For the price of a much smaller yacht you will have the comfort of a very luxury yacht. Deoending on your share, you can use the yacht for 2, 4, 6  or more weeks a year.

To learn more about this offer, please visit  FOY-PROPERTY

Additionally to the production of new Solarwave Yachts we install our Solarwave-System into conventionally powered motor- or sailing-yachts. The whole system or parts of it - adapted to the needs of the client.


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