It is our philosophy to offer our customers the best available Hybrid-Yacht. Not a "Mild-Hybrid" with a range of 10 miles at 4 knots, but a Solar-Hybrid with unlimited range and speeds of more than 10 knots - with electric motors!


SOLARWAVE-YACHTS are always Solar-Hybrid-Yachts, you can choose between serial and parallel hybrid propulsion and various engine-types. On special request your Solarwave can also have sails.


According to the intended use you have several options for the propulsion. All models are also availabel with sails.



Electric-Motor + Range-Extender


  • Serial Hybrid - only the electric motors are mechanically connected with the propeller. The diesel-generator charges the batteries when necessary
  • Battery-Charging:              Generator, shorepower, solarpanels
  • Top-Speed: depending on the choosen motor ca. 8 - 12 knots
  • Range solar powered (no fuel): unlimited
  • Range diesel-powered (no sun):   ca. 3.000 SM


Diesel-Motor in combination with Electric-Motor

  • Parallel-Hybrid - large diesel-engines and e-motors are mechanically connected with the propeller. The e-motors also serve as a generators to recharge the batteries when necessary.
  • Battery-Charging:              Generator, shorepower, solarpanels
  • Top-Speed: depending on the choosen motor ca. 20 - 30 knots
  • Range solar powered (no fuel): unlimited
  • Range diesel-powered (no sun):   ca. 3.000 SM


What is the difference between a Solarwave-Yacht and a conventionally powered yacht?

  • The special configuration of the components guarantees, that the solarpanels generate more power on an everage day, than the total consumption for all houshold appliances including propulsion at cruising speed! So you can make large passages every day only on solar-power.

  • Top-level energy-efficiency by:
    • bionic design
    • towing-tank-optimized hull-shape
    • wind- and wave-drag optimized design
    • CNC-milling of the moulds
    • construction in carbon-composite with epoxy-infusion
    • light-weight and structurally strong
  • Durability and long term maintenance of value by the use of epoxy resins
  • Ergonomic design guarantees comfortable use and generousity
  • Innovative propulsions and technical devices grant luxury and performance at very low maintenance costs
  • modular construction and efficient design makes it possible to provide even fancy ideas for a very reasonable price
  • extensive equipment like dinghy-garage or liftable stern-platform as well as induction cooktop, large 230V inverter and 20 kWh lithium consumer-battery
  • autonomy - unlimited range without the need to refuel, recharge or fill up the water-tanks. This could be important issue. With the watermaker you can produce up to 3 tons of fine potable water every day. In combination with the huge cooling- and freezing capacity a Solarwave is your personal island offering everything you need for an independent and autonomous life during a long period of time.



For rare exemptions like longer periods of bad weather or a high cruising speed over several days all "Cruiser"- and "Sailor"- Models have a Range-Extender. This is a diesel-generator or a diesel-turbine recharging the lithium-batteries.

The energy can be used for propulsion as well as for the household appliances. Our testing vessels - a Solarwave 46 -  sailed 12.000 nm in ca. 2.000 electric engine hours during 5 years. In this 100 weeks the yacht had permanently guests on board. In spite of this high daily energy-consumption, the generator was working only 30 hours in 5 years.

The Range-Extender supplies you with powerful energy whenever it is necessary.



The normal case is the operation on solarpower. At the roof of the yachts high efficiency solar-panels of the latest generation are recharging the light weight lithium-batteries.

The special configuration of the components provides an unique energy-balance:  The solar-panels produce more power, than the household AND the electric motors consume on cruising-speed. So the batteries are charged while driving the boat!



We offer following proofed configurations:

* Serial Hybrid - electric motors with turnable saildrives from 10 - 150 kW (replaces

  a diesel-engine with 40 - 400 PS)

* Parallel Hybrid - diesel-electric Hybrid-Propulsion from 75 - 300 HP with shaft

* all required components for a self-sufficient supply of the household - no gas on


* all required components for solar-production and storage, 230 VAC permanently




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